Gepubliceerd op 15 jun 2013

This is the Third Public Teaching Workshop presented by Mehran Keshe, founder of the Keshe Foundation. Hosted on Skype by LadyDragon. 

Topics include: importance of the layering of gases in the Keshe plasma reactor, the interaction of magnetic fields, new information on the medical side, how the human body is the best plasma vacuum chamber, and a progress report on the latest non-radioactive Keshe power receiver.

Music “Magrav Fields Feel” courtesy the band Ainda…thanks Joan! 😉

Keshe Foundation website:

Keshe Foundation Forum:…

Keshe Foundation Facebook group:… 

LadyDragon’s website: 

MrfixitRick’s Youtube site:

Ainda music video:…

Here’s the playlist for the Keshe First Public Teaching Workshop: (series of eight 15-minute videos):…

Here is the Keshe Second Public Teaching Workshop movie:…


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