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Keshe Foundation First Public Teaching Workshop March 5th 2013. (Part 1)

MrfixitRick’s Plasma Reactor Group hosts a Skype call from nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe, founder of the Keshe Foundation. 

The Keshe Foundation develops technologies for its Space Ship Program, using plasma reactors for power, lift, new materials, and health.

In this video series, Mr Keshe discusses plasma reactor concepts, designs, construction, and safety information. This is Part 1 of 8, and includes an intro by LadyDragon and video clips of a Skype caller’s test reactor. 

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Part 2 continues the Skype conversation with Mr Keshe about multiple plasma reactor fields, then further details are revealed, such as how to kick-start a plasma reactor with a 9-volt rechargeable battery! 😉

We are all very grateful to Mr Keshe for taking the time for our 2-hour Skype call…starting at 6 am his time! It was an honour to be involved in what has become the first Keshe public workshop teaching program, and we expect to make it a monthly event.

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Continued discussion with Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation and MrfixitRick’s Keshe Plasma Reactor Group. Lots of questions answered with guidance provided by Mr Keshe on such topics as validity of high voltage demos, influence of magnets on a plasma, and how to set up and use vacuum pump systems.

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“If people look in second-hand shops and scrap-yards, they can make these systems for themselves.” – MT Keshe

Part 4 of this discussion continues with nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation and Mrfixitrick’s Keshe Study Group, with such plasma reactor topics as vacuum and turbo-molecular pumps, purpose of the vacuum dump chamber, and hose glowing issues. Cleanliness and the hydrogen flush technique are discussed.

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The Skype discussion continues with Mehran Keshe and MrfixitRick, with topics such as producing protein from a plasma reactor, blood colour types, and usefulness of radioactive elements in a human body,

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“With a system like that, you can create enough energy to run your lab.” 
– MT Keshe 

This Part 6 with Mr Keshe and MrfixitRick’s Plasma Reactor Group, discusses the process of matter formation from plasma, and various health aspects. Keshe responds to MrfixitRick’s display of various vacuum chambers and possible reactors. 

MrfixitRick demonstrates high-voltage as a fun way to learn more about the nature of plasma, but also realizes it is not the correct method of activating a Keshe plasma reactor!

Mr Keshe addresses a question asked by group member Paul, “What kind of experiments can we do, to work more towards the Keshe technology?”

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“So, what you have on the table, to me, you have a 30 kilowatt system.” MT Keshe

The revealing discussion on plasma reactors continues with nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe. Plasma reactors are compared with the solar system, and human body. Topics include: Obtaining matter and energy from the central core, importance of position and strength of fields, and of copying the way the universe works. More on reactor construction and setup, plus care and maintenance of vacuum pumps and chambers…all with an emphasis on safety.

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“These systems are like mistresses…they attract you in different ways!” – MT Keshe

More great information from MT Keshe on plasma reactor construction and running. Some technical details discussed by Mr Keshe include: plasma reactor setup and safety, use of an isolation table, protection of the vacuum pump, and the creation of new life-forms (!). 

This is the final instalment of this “first public training workshop” of the Keshe Foundation.

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This is the Third Public Teaching Workshop presented by Mehran Keshe, founder of the Keshe Foundation. Hosted on Skype by LadyDragon. 

Topics include: importance of the layering of gases in the Keshe plasma reactor, the interaction of magnetic fields, new information on the medical side, how the human body is the best plasma vacuum chamber, and a progress report on the latest non-radioactive Keshe power receiver.

Music “Magrav Fields Feel” courtesy the band Ainda…thanks Joan! 😉

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